Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Important Action Needed Today!!

Today the Senate will apparently reach a budget agreement, and then vote on the Gay Marriage equality bill...and then go home for the rest of the year - without bringing the farmworker bill to the floor for a vote.

We implore you to call Senator Sampson, (the Senator in control of the Senate these days), and urge him to bring the farm worker bill to the floor for a vote today (a simple message).

Please make the call - (and then urge others to join us). It is okay to call again if you have called or written in the past.

Senator John Sampson (call the Albany office and then call the district office)

Albany Office: Tel: (518) 455-2788

District Office : (718) 649-7653

**submitted by the Church of the Holy Trinity - Peace & Restorative Justice Community, an organizational partner of NY Faith & Justice


  1. Hey Lisa! What is the farmworker bill? Being a CA resident, should I still call Sampson?
    -John Negret

  2. Hi John,
    As a CA resident, you should watch how this bill goes in NY State. This could change the tide of national law for farmworkers every where.

    Currently, farmworkers and domestic workers are the only class of laborers who are NOT protected by current labor laws. Guess why? Because they never have been in the history of the U.S. Guess why? Because these were the slaves of old and teh laws were never changed to protect their human rights.

    We're working to change that in NY State. If the Farm Workers Bill of Rights passes here, it will have a ripple effect nationally.

    Pray. We're on the verge of historic change.

    ~ Lisa