Programs and Initiatives

Following Christ

Activists soak in the reality of some of the most challenging evils of our times.  They see both the ugliest facets of systemic and human evil and the most heroic efforts of families, communities, and individuals to claim the image of God in all humanity and live into their God given call to exercise dominion. Activists are passionate.  They are people of sacrifice and they are compelled to action by something greater than themselves.  They are also the least likely people to stop and care for their souls.

Likewise, there is a rising generation of faith-rooted New Yorkers who love God and care about issues of injustice, but they lack the space to go deeper, learn more, and unite their love for God with their desire to help make things right in our world.

To nurture the souls of the activists among us and to cultivate Christian activists of the rising generation NY Faith & Justice convenes monthly House Gatherings in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Three incredients are always a part of any house gathering: food, fun, and prayer.  Lately we've been throwing in a house concert or book discussion here and there, too!

For more information about House Gatherings, contact Chris Muller at 

Uniting the Church

Through church community organizing, and ongoing outreach efforts NY Faith & Justice brings disparate arms of the church together to receive common teaching that leads to common action.  A few times per year, NY Faith & Justice convenes city-wide gatherings that unite diverse segments of the church in common learning that leads to common action.

Past gatherings have featured speakers such as Jim Wallis, John Perkins, Brenda Salter McNeil, Shane Claiborne, and Brian McLaren, as well as a spectrum of local leaders such as Annie Rawlings, Rev. Earl Kooperkamp, Rev. Jose Humphries, Tracy Howe, Derrick Boykin, Rev. Dr. Peter Heltzel and many others.

For more information about city-wide gatherings follow this blog, follow us on twitter and facebook!

Ending Poverty

NY Faith & Justice focuses on three key strategic issues:

In addition, we support partnering organizations in their press for justice in areas such as: education reform, housing and homelessness, health reform, economic reform, and modern day slavery. All of our advocacy and organizing efforts are interfaith in nature.