Friday, May 1, 2009

Give a day - JUST ONE DAY - for justice!

Welcome to the official talk-back blog site of NY Faith and Justice.

We are launching this talk-back forum in tandem with the launch of the Just One Day campaign!

Imagine... New Yorkers and people across the country joining hands - not throwing up their hands.

Imagine... relationships healed, individuals and groups empowered, and neighborhoods brought to life again.

Imagine... thousands giving one day to help "make things right."

Will you join us? New York Faith & Justice is asking New Yorkers and people of faith across the country to join us as we do four simple things:
  1. Give a day - Just One Day - of your salary to support the work of NY Faith & Justice.
  2. Give a day - Just One Day - of your time between May 5 - June 30 to do justice in your neighborhood or city. (go to our website homepage to download a list of 100 ways to do justice in a day.
  3. Tell us about it right here. (must sign in to post)
  4. Tell 10 friends to give a day - Just One Day - for justice! Click on the envelope icon below to get started.

How do you plan to do justice in Just One Day? Once you've completed your day of justice, tell us how it went! Any big ah-ha moments? Any unexpected laughter or tears? Any new friends made? We want to hear about it.

Personally, I'm fired up to break out of my usual mold and do something different for Just One Day! I already know how I plan to spend my day of justice. My half-sister lives in a nursing home in the South Bronx. I see the same people on her floor each time I visit. They seem so lonely and bored. I'm going to do a spoken word poetry performance for the floor. Then, for the rest of the day, I'll go from room to room and read to the folks who like that kind of thing.

How will you help to "make things right" for a day? Decide, do it, then tell us about it. Then tell 10 friends to give a day - Just One Day - for justice!

Can't wait to hear your stories (pics and video welcome)!

It's Time!

Lisa Sharon Harper
Co-founder and Executive Director
NY Faith and Justice