Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DotORGathon: Steps for Success

You’ve probably heard about the DotORG-athon by now.  If you haven’t, visit www.dotorgathon.com to learn more.  

Did you know that even though the walk is just over 2-weeks away there are things you can be doing now to help NYFJ make the DotORG-athon the most successful event possible?  

1) Contribute to sponsor our walk.  You can do this by clicking here!

2) Walk the walk with us (either in person or virtually)!  You can sign up here!

3) Get the word out on the dotORG-athon by using your Facebook status and Twitter Tweets!  

The more people that join and contribute to our cause enables us to do more work around New York!  Programs like what we are currently working on:

•Faith Leaders for Environmental Justice

•Conversations for Change

•Working with the Manhattan Borough Presidents office to create a just and sustainable food system for all New Yorker’s

•Partnership with other organizations working on creating just jobs, Immigration reform and Health-Care reform

Your help in making the DotORG-athon successful is greatly needed and greatly appreciated!!

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