Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking for Clergy to Participate

The budget could be voted on by April 1st. The time to Act is Now!

The $4.6 billion transfer from the poorest to the wealthiest is the largest transfer of wealth in the history of our state; meanwhile the poorest are struggling in our city and our nation.

  • Schools will lose after school and enrichment programs, art, music and teachers.
  • Elimination of lifesaving services for poor children, including programs that prevent child abuse and reduce foster care placements.
  • Wholesale elimination of jobs programs to support our communities, including summer youth employment, job training and job creation initiatives as an alternative to welfare.

New tax breaks for the wealthy will only deepen the inequality, worsen the job crisis and create harsher times for regular New Yorkers living on Main Streets all over our state.

Clergy around the city have responded to the call to participate in this weekends prayer in. However, clergy is still needed to participate. At least another 12 more are neede. There's only about 9 nine days left to push the Governor and Senate Republicans to extend the millionaires tax. 

If you, or know someone, who would like to participate, please let Zakaria Nasari (information below) so they can organize press around this event. Imagine if the article read over "100 places of worship across the state Pray for Governor Cuomo to do the right thing and protect our communities not millionaires."

Clergy that has agreed to participate so far:

Bishop Findlayter- has agreed to let press in

Reverend Osbourne- will speak to press

Imam Konate-Will speak to press

Imam Bajaha

Reverend Walston- will speak to press

Imam Abdullah

Imam Saif

Rabbi Ellen Lippmann

Please contact:
Zakiyah Ansari

233 Broadway
New York, NY 10279
212 328 9266
917 309 5742

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