Thursday, September 2, 2010

Betraying the Age...

Join the Story!
(w/ special appeal)
Dear NY Faith & Justice Friends and Family,

For the past two months, we have shared the stories of people who make up New York Faith & Justice. They are members, board members, partners, and friends. They are pastors, organizers, and ordinary people committed to an extra-ordinary vision...

Thank you to all who shared their stories. You have enriched our lives and challenged us with your faith.

Thank you to all who read the stories. More than any other NY Faith & Justice web-based campaign, this one struck a nerve. We hope you were inspired. We hope it moved you to look for ways to engage in your neighborhood, in your community, in your city. More than that, we hope you caught a glimpse of the vision.

Think of the most vulnerable among us--the ones Jesus calls "the least of these." The single mother, the child without resources, the immigrant within our borders... What have you learned about the core lies our age tells us about the least of these? Remember the lies?

  1. The ideology of individualism. What I do only matters to me. I gotta get mine?
  2. Money = God. It demands that we sacrifice certain people on its altar.

Here's another core lie our Faith Leaders for Environmental Justice team discerned during a recent meeting:

3. I buy therefore I am.

And here's another core lie of our age discerned by a national gathering of Christian faith-rooted organizers during a recent gathering in Los Angeles:

4. "The other" is a threat to our well-being.

What is the truth? What could it look like to betray the age's lies with truth in your life, in your neighborhood, in your city.

What truth would God tell--what structures would God change to help "make things right" for children living under the threat of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and asthma because of environmental injustice in their neighborhoods... for children like my niece, Luna?

What systems would God change to help "make things right" so that communities could thrive and children in the South Bronx, Harlem, Central Brooklyn and South Queens could play freely in the streets with no fear of criminals or cops? So, that Conversations for Change are no longer necessary!

What policies would God craft to help "make things right" for immigrants within our boarders. How would God handle the balance between law and grace?

And what about "the mosque" and religious freedom? How would God lead us to treat our neighbors?

Many of you wrote to me over the past two months saying: "Please don't stop sending the stories! They're so inspiring." We won't. We will continue to live and tell our stories of everyday people exercising seeds of faith to move mountains in the city. And we want you to join the story!


Join the Story!

Our goal was to raise $25,000 in new and renewed members and financial partnerships to help make our work possible. We're still tallying the pledges and gifts. So far, you have given about $13,700 in memberships, pledges, and donation of services.

It's not too late for you to join the story. Please consider digging deep to help us reach our goal. Your generous gift would help us secure an office space and would lay the foundation for all of our work throughout the next year.

Betray the age! Contribute just $25, $50, $100, $300, $500, $1000 or more to the work of NY Faith & Justice.

Click here to contribute now.

NYFJ T-Shirt Male***All who give just $10/mth or more through automatic electronic payments will receive a complimentary NY Faith & Justice T-Shirt!
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NOTE: T-Shirts will be mailed out throughout the month of September.

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NOTE: If you prefer not to give online you can send checks made payable to "FCNY/NY Faith & Justice" to:

NY Faith & Justice
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475 Riverside Drive, Suite 500
New York, NY 10115

Thank you for your contin
ued prayers and partnership and don't forget to follow us on Follow us on Twitter , Find us on Facebook, the nyfj blog or the nyfj calendar for up to the minute action alerts, program changes, and details.

Living the Story,

Lisa Sharon Harper
Co-founder and Executive Director
New York Faith & Justice

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