Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Immigration Teleconference for Clergy

Want to engage with your congregation on the issue of immigration? Wondering how to address the matter biblically and pastorally? Join “Faithful Perspectives: A Conversation on Immigration and Your Congregation,” a national conference call hosted by Sojourners and Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, on Thursday, June 24, at 1 p.m. EDT. Featured speakers will include Rev. Jim Wallis, Rev. Gabriel Salguero (Lamb's Church of the Nazarene, New York), Rev. Rich Nathan (Vineyard Church of Columbus, Ohio) and Angela Kelley (Center for American Progress).

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Recent legislation in Arizona and protests around the country have thrust immigrants and border security into the spotlight and our national psyche. But the conversation is often filled with fear-based misinformation. As faith leaders, we have the responsibility to educate our members about this controversial issue – from a theological foundation.

We know it’s not an easy job to be both a pastor and a prophet for biblical social justice. Sometimes it can feel like these are conflicting roles! However, there are numerous biblical and contemporary examples of leaders who are doing both on the issue of immigration.

Join Sojourners for a national teleconference on June 24 to hear from local pastors and faith activists who have experience leading congregations and organizations on this controversial topic – the call is free and open to all faith leaders.

“Faithful Perspectives: A Conversation on Immigration and Your Congregation”
National Teleconference for Clergy and Faith Leaders
Thursday, June 24
1 to 2 p.m. EDT

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Featured speakers include Rev. Jim Wallis, Rev. Gabriel Salguero of the Latino Leadership Circle, Rev. Rich Nathan of Vineyard Church of Columbus, and Angela Kelley of the Center for American Progress.

Virtually every major denomination and communion has officially announced its support for comprehensive immigration reform. However, many congregation members are more likely to relate to the phrase “they broke the law” than to “welcome the stranger” as a guiding principle for understanding this complex issue.

On this teleconference, we’ll explore how to:

- Share the biblical foundation for a humane immigration system from the pulpit;

- Reach out to immigrant families in your congregation and community;

- Understand what is happening with national and state legislative efforts; and

- Navigate conflict that may arise among your members on this controversial topic.

We understand that on this issue many church members are taking their cues from national talk radio and news programs, not from scripture and church teaching. This call is ideal for clergy and lay leaders who want informed theological perspective on immigration and are interested in how to lead on the issue in a church setting. We’ll also have time for participant Q&A.

Please register today, and then share this invitation with other friends and colleagues who would benefit from learning more about immigration and how it impacts our congregations and members. We look forward to speaking with you on the call.

**This post was submitted by Rev. Gabriel Salguero, Lamb's Church of the Nazerene Lead Pastor and member of the Latino Leadership Circle, an organizational partner of NYFJ.

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