Thursday, May 13, 2010

Immigration Reform Rally & Civil Disobedience

Monday May 17th: RALLY followed by DIRECT ACTION
Where: 26 Federal Plaza, Manhattan
Time: 12noon

Message: President Obama: Stop the flow of deportations and enact humane Immigration Reform now.

Led by clergy, this direct action will escalate our unified call for an end to the deportations and the enactment of humane immigration reform. The moral crisis in immigrant communities demands real leadership and concrete action from President and elected officials. We aim for this action to show our courage in this fight and to lift up the unquestionable moral authority for the call for just and humane immigration reform. Faith leaders, elected officials, labor leaders, community leaders are invited to participate. This action is taking place in coordination with immigrant communities across the nation who are escalating pressure for an end to the crises we see each day because of our broken immigration system.

A training with the Center for Constitutional Rights will be available for participants prior to the action. If you want to commit to participate, email Frances ( . Direct action participants must be US Citizens.

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