Thursday, April 8, 2010

Radical Living Parties for Immigration Reform

On March 13th, party's were held around the city to help educate and advocate for Comprehensive Immigration Reform using the NYFJ Immigration House Party Toolkit. One of these party's was hosted by the Radical Living Community in Brooklyn.

Thirteen people attended the Radical Living house party and were immediately welcomed with a lot of food and a lot of discussion on what kind of Immigration reform they would like to see enacted. After dinner, the group took part in playing the Immigration Jeopardy game included in the toolkit. The game led to even more discussion on Comprehensive Immigration Reform including deciding on who they can write letters to in order to show their support for CIR and let their voices be heard by the people making these decisions.

Radical Living is a good example of people becoming activated in order to make a more just world. If you would like to let your voice be heard on Comprehensive Immigration Reform, you can host a party by downloading our toolkit. You can also let your congressman know how you feel. Our own Senator Chuck Schumer is in charge of writing the Immigration Reform bill so New Yorker's have a rare ability to affect change for the entire country. Check out our sample letters and calling scripts.

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