Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yesterday We Marched, Today We Act

by Samantha McLane

Despite being a Sunday, Washington, D.C. had a very busy day. Around 200,000 people marched throughout the capital to call for comprehensive reform to the U.S. Immigration system. Men, women, and children stood and marched for hours hearing a variety of speakers while singing and echoing phrases of hope and action. Families and individuals came from all over the country, some traveling for days, others for hours, but all went to the capital to deliver one very clear and direct message: President Obama must keep his promise to deliver Immigration reform this year!

New York Faith and Justice members were there too! Though an early morning bus ride and a late return provided little sleep, we stood i

n solidarity with the thousand of others in our call for justice.

So what is next? We realize that not only support is needed but action is needed as well. We need to keep reminding our elected officials the purpose of this march, the purpose of all rallies and vigils that have been held in recent years, is to pass a Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill in this year. We cannot tolerate the separation of families and discrimination against hard working immigrants. It is important to write a letter, make a phone call, and meet with our members of Congress. We will not rest until action is done.

Thanks to all of you who came to the march and support this just cause!

**Samantha McLane is the NYFJ Immigration Reform Organizer

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