Saturday, January 30, 2010

FRESH Initiative Update

A diverse group of Community Organizations, Public Advocates, and Labor Unions (the Good Food, Good Jobs Coalition) teamed up with City Officials to celebrate the passing of the city's FRESH Initiative. The FRESH (Food Retail Expansion to Support Health) Initiative was developed in order to provide nutritious and affordable fresh produce into under-served neighborhoods in New York City by using economic incentives to bring more fresh food providers into these areas.

To qualify for these economic incentives, new supermarkets must apply and fill out a public questionnaire that is posted on the NYC Fresh website. The first two supermarkets have applied to qualify for the zoning benefits of the FRESH Initiative for locations in the South Bronx.

The first is Foodtown. They are applying for a store to be located in the Norwood section of the South Bronx. See their questionnaire here and their NYC Industrial Development Association (NYCIDA) Public Hearing materials here.

The second supermarket looking to take of advantage of the city's new FRESH Initiative is Western Beef. They are looking to move into the East Tremont, Bathgate section of the South Bronx. See their FRESH questionnaire here and their NYCIDA Public Hearing materials here.

You can keep track of what projects are being initiated by the FRESH Initiative by going to the NYC FRESH Initiative website. NY Faith & Justice will continue to send out updates periodically as well.

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