Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lend Your Voice For Health Care Reform

Unless you have been completely out of the loop, you know that the health care reform debate has heated up in Washington and throughout the country.  With President Obama setting a deadline of August to get health care reform passed in Congress, no time has ever been as urgent as NOW.  

We at New York Faith & Justice view Health Care Reform as a moral necessity, a right not a privilege.  Did you know that nearly 50 million Americans--1 in 6 people--live without health insurance?  In addition, those with insurance have seen their premiums nearly triple in the last decade, paying on average $16,000 per year and rising rapidly.

This month, Congress is working on new reform legislation that will make quality health care affordable and available for ALL Americans.  But, many forces are willing to pay big money to keep the status quo and fight against reform.

So, Congress needs to hear your voice.  Let them know that you WANT health care reform, you WANT a fair and just system for ALL people, and you WANT this legislation passed.

Please, sign this online petition TODAY--and circulate it among your friends. Show Congress you support their efforts to reform health care NOW!! 

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