Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This Week, Luke 4 @ Summer House Gathering

Two weeks ago we cracked open the book of Luke and started our summer investigation by going deep into Luke chapter 1. This week, we're goin' deeper. This week, it's all about Luke 4 - You really won't want to miss this . It is really goooooood.

Charlotte writes about her experience at the first meeting:
...this is such an amazing way to dive into God's word and discover so much more about what He wants us to know through this type of study! I also appreciated the community aspect of discovering together. We shared ideas and perspectives, then we compiled an assessment together and sat amazed at what we discovered together!

It was a great study and I really look forward to continuing in it! Thanks Lisa!

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Where: 610 W. 152 Street, Apt. 52

(Take the 1 train to 145th St. and walk north to 152nd. Turn left and go to 610 W. 152nd. Ring buzzer for Apt. 52.)

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